Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hard Work & Effort

Everybody wants to be the best but nobody wants to put in the work. Everybody wants to wake up and magically be great but unfortunately it isn't that easy. Hard work and effort has to be put into whatever you do. Especially basketball! So get off your butt and put in work. Everyday!!!

Got To Handle The Rock

You can't get in the game if you can't handle the ball! Do you think your coach is going to put you in the game if you're always handing the ball over to the other team? I'll show you some drills that'll help you with your dribbling. These drills can be done outside in your driveway or inside the gym.

One ball drills: (All these drills are done with one ball)
-1.  With the ball in your right hand & left hand on your back dribble as fast as you can while running. (Vice Versa)
-2. With the ball in your right hand & left hand on your back dribble the ball around your right leg while running as fast as you can while running. (Vice Versa)

Two ball drills: (All of these drills are done with two balls)
-1. With a ball in your left & right hand alternate dribbles as fast as you can while while running.
-2. With a ball in your left & right hand dribble the balls at the same time while running.
-3. With a ball in your left & right hand alternate dribbles while going around your right leg while running. (Vice Versa)

If you get out and work on these drills you'll be a better dribble than you would have ever thought after a while!

Working On The Jumper

Want to make your jump shot better? I'll try my best to help you out with that now. 

First, make sure you pick an area on the court where you'll be shooting from in the game. You don't need to practice on 3 pointers when you are not going to take any 3 pointers in the actual game. That's basically wasting your time. Once you pick a good spot on the floor shoot from that area as much as you can. BUT...DONT shoot just to say you practiced on your jumper...shoot like you are in a actual game. ALWAYS go game speed! ALWAYS!!

Once you finish from that area move to another spot on the floor where you feel comfortable shooting from and do the same thing there. If you can find a partner to workout with it makes it easier and more fun to practice. They can be used for rebounding, playing defense (to simulate game situations), & encouraging each other to do better. So get in the gym and work on your can't win, if you can't put the ball in the basket!

Basketball Success

You want to be a good basketball player? It is really one thing that has to be done.....TRAIN! I've been playing for about 12 years and getting better is what it's all about. Basketball consist of three things:
Mental Toughness
You have to know and believe that you are better than anybody you are going up against. Confidence is key! One of the greatest to ever play the game (Larry Bird) walked into the locker room before a NBA 3 Point Contest and said "So, which one of you guys is coming in second?" That confidence is what led him to win that 3 Point Contest. But you can't have confidence without putting in the work! You have to get in the gym everyday and work on your craft. You have to eat and sleep in the gym if YOU want to be one of the best to ever play the game.
Skill consist of your athletic ability. From shooting, to dribbling; from speed, to defense. No one wakes up knowing how to do these things unless you have pure talent and even these things have to be practiced....CONSISTENTLY! Michael Jordan, being known as the greatest of all time was even known of being the last one to leave the gym after practice and the first one there before practice.
Mental Toughness is very important. You have to be focused at all times. In games and even in practice.